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DEA Data Automation Tool:

DEA Data Automation Tool is integrated into several of our software offerings, and is now available as a standalone product for our customers.

It allows you to quickly and easily automate daily downloading of primary source DEA data which can then be imported into your existing database or application.

The software works on any Windows desktop or server, and outputs the DEA source data unedited to any directory or network location you need.

DEA Data Automation Tool features:

  • Flat Rate Pricing - Run as many downloads as you need.
  • Rapid Deployment - Eliminates development time and expense.
  • Subscription Updates - Any changes to the DEA data format or data server are rapidly fixed and deployed.
  • Automated Restart - Can be set to automatically run and restart on server restarts.

Note: This software does not include DEA data, and requires you to be a registrant or approved entity with access to their data server.

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DEA Data Download Tool interface
Example 1: DEA Data Download Tool interface
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