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DEA Deactivated Data Engine

DEA Deactivated Data Engine leverages the DEA Data Automation Tool, and builds custom deactivated/retired registration reports with the most current primary source data. This is useful for integrating into many kinds of compliance applications, as well as data cleansing applications.

The data engine easily integrates with any relational database. The data returned is pipe delimited text, and can be automated to output data updates monthly, weekly, or even daily.

The software features include:

  • Flat Rate Pricing - Run reports as often as you need.
  • Automated - Can be set to automatically output reports to the directory of your choice.
  • Manual Report Option - You can also log in and build a custom report whenever you need.

Data is stored locally in an encrypted secure data container with audit trail to protect your business from misuse of the data.

  • Compliant under the new DEA data rules
  • Secure encrypted data container and audit trail
  • Includes daily automatic data updates

Note: This software does not include DEA data, and requires you to be a registrant or approved entity with access to their data server.

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DEA Deactivated Data Engine interface
Example 1: DEA Deactivated Data Engine interface
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