App and Desktop Streaming Services

Streaming services allow you to access your windows desktop applications through a web browser.

It allows customers who have lengthy IT approval processes for new software to immediately access new desktop applications, including any software upgrades.

It also improves data security with multi factor authentication, and also allows non-windows PC users to access windows based applications.

DEA Lookup is now offering 3 levels of appstreaming:

  1. On demand streaming
    Our most cost effective solution is perfect for light usage and limited budgets: $40/mo per login.

  2. Always on streaming
    Perfect for higher usage and real time customer service environments: $60/mo per login.

  3. Citrix virtual desktops
    Nearly indistinguishable from your regular desktop apps - and includes a full Windows virtual desktop: $120/mo per login.

    If you have questions or would like to schedule a web demonstration,

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