Study finds most baby foods contain arsenic, lead, heavy metals

An alarming new study reveals baby food may have traces of toxic heavy metals.

Kara Urland, ABC 27, Oct 22, 2019

Dangerous, toxic heavy metals found in baby food according to a new report by "Healthy Babies Bright Futures" which looked at 168 baby foods.

In fact, 95% of the brands tested contained toxic metals that can pose serious threats to healthy brain development in children.

Researchers found nearly all the foods they tested were contaminated with at least one of the following, lead, arsenic, cadmium or mercury.

The study has at least one senator demanding an investigation and action by the federal food and drug administration.

"Even though the FDA has been asked to test baby foods for these toxic metals they've sat on their hands," Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, said.

Experts say even trace amounts of those neuro-toxins can have a huge impact on a developing brain.

"So we're looking at impacts like IQ loss, ADHD behavioral effects," the study's Co-Author Jane Houlihan from Healthy Babies Bright Futures, said.

Houlihan recommends you take three key steps to limit exposure.

The first one is to reduce rice. The report found foods with the most arsenic were rice cereals and rice-based snacks.

The second step is to avoid juice. It's a significant source of heavy metals and kids drink it so much.

The third step is to add variety. Experts say parents tend to feed babies the same thing like carrots and sweet potatoes, which according to the report are among the most contaminated. Experts say to replace them with other veggies.

Houlihan also says companies need to act now to get the toxic metals out of foods.

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