These 3 supplements can keep your skin looking firm, experts say

Amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and Coenzyme Q10 can reduce wrinkles and boost collagen production.

Alexandra Klausner, New York Post, May 21, 2024

Beauty is only skin deep - but there’s no harm in learning how to keep your skin healthy as you age gracefully.

Board-certified holistic nutritionist Jennifer Hanway is sharing the three nutrients for firm-looking skin that she recommends for people 30 and older.

Amino acids

Hanway explained to MindBodyGreen that when people enter their late 20s, collagen production slows.

Collagen provides structure to skin, muscles, bone and connective tissue.

People can boost their collagen production by making sure to get enough amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

“Now, our body unfortunately doesn’t prioritize the skin as an essential organ - unlike our brain, hearts or lungs. So, if we’re only eating minimal or even adequate protein, the body won’t be able to give those extra amino acids to our skin, hair, or nails to keep them looking healthy,” Hanway noted.

Hanway advises consuming one to two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

“For most women, 100 to 120 grams is a really good starting point,” Hanway said.


As people age, their skin barrier weakens - internal stressors like inflammation and lack of nutrients can damage the skin, as can external things like sun exposure and pollution.

“[Eating] nutrient-dense foods is a big thing you can do to help to slow down the aging process,” holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn told MindBodyGreen.

Marius Morariu - a holistic nutritionist turned co-founder of Tracie Martyn, an NYC spa known for its celeb-loved facials - also stresses the importance of consuming omega-3 fatty acids, found in certain fish, some vegetable oils, and nuts, to combat inflammation.

“Powerful omega-3 fatty acids not only benefit your skin but also benefit your brain. A lot of people are scared of fat but it is very important and very good for you,” Morariu told The Post last month.

Research has shown that taking omega-3 supplements can help balance the skin’s inflammatory response.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10, an antioxidant that the body produces naturally, supports cell growth and maintenance.

It protects fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and the elastic fibers that contribute to youthful skin.

Taking CoQ10 has been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin smoothness.

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