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DEA License Monitor

You can now monitor all of your DEA numbers quickly and efficiently from one screen.

Our License Monitor system will keep track of your DEA numbers, and check them against each weekly update of the live DEA database automatically.

You can now manage all of your DEA numbers in one central location, even setting custom notifications which work for your business.

How It Works

Simply enter the numbers you wish to monitor, either individually or as a group. If you need we can even help you set this up.

Then set your default notifications, by email or via text message or both.

Then select who you would like to receive a notification, and how often.

You can log in anytime and monitor all of your DEA licenses from your License Monitor interface. You can also choose to monitor your licenses without any notifications if you prefer.

Notification Types

License Monitor currently has 3 types of notifications:

Notification Targets

You can choose no notifications, in which case you would just log in and view the License Monitor interface to check on monitored licenses status.

You can choose summary notifications only, which would be sent to a primary contact, as well as up to 2 additional contacts.

You can choose individual notifications, which allow you to broadcast to all of license holders directly, either by email or text or both.

Improved Compliance

The costs of allowing DEA numbers to expire are very high. The costs of not knowing a DEA number has expired are even higher.

Keeping track of your vendor relationships and your employees is not just an obligation, it is a necessity.

In addition, the potential fines associated with not monitoring your DEA numbers correctly easily justifies using License Monitor to proactively manage your licenses.

By utilizing DEA License Monitor, you can efficiently automate this process at a reduced cost while benefitting from a far more effective solution.

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