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Revoked License Notices

In addition to the regular monthly updates of the controlled substances act registration database, the DEA provides registrant notices data.

These notices are often of a disciplinary nature, and therefore cannot wait until the next monthly database update.

Notice Types
Registrant notices are primarily revocations due to criminal investigations of the DEA license holder. They can also include notices of restricted licenses, as well as denials of registration.

The DEA releases anywhere from zero to 6 notices on any given week.

How It Works
With the revocations service option enabled, every DEA license search will automatically scan for registrant notices and display the results on the registrant profile. [see Example 1]

When a notice is displayed, it also includes a link to view the complete details of the notice released by the DEA.

Registrant notices updates are made to the DEA database on a daily basis.

Need for the revoked License Notices service option will depend on the compliance level established by your specific organizational and business requirements.

You should discuss this service option with your internal compliance team to determine if it is right for you.

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Example 1: registrant notice found

Example 2: no registrant notices

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