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Half of Adults Skip the N1N1 Vaccine out of Safety Concerns

Zogby survey reports 46 percent of adults plan to ignore the recommendation for vaccination. Most cite safety concerns.

Dayton Business Journal, Nov 17, 2009

Although the region is likely to see more long lines this week for the next community clinic for the H1N1 vaccine, a new poll reports nearly half of adults at risk are not interested.

Results of a Zogby International interactive survey report 46 percent of adults who are considered by the Centers for Disease Control to be members of high-priority groups plan to ignore the recommendation for vaccination.

The top reasons adults have found to skip the vaccine include concern about the safety of the vaccine and a general sense that they simply do not need the vaccine. Of those surveyed, 38 percent are worried about the vaccine’s safety, and 32 percent feel they don’t need it.

Similar percentages of all adults, including those not at high-risk, fear the safety of the vaccine — 32 percent — and also feel they do not need the vaccine — 30 percent. Sixty-two percent of adults surveyed plan to skip the H1N1 vaccine.

Republicans are most likely to skip the vaccine (74 percent), as are independents (68 percent). Fewer than half of democrats (45 percent) plan to skip the vaccine.

Southerners (69 percent) are also more inclined than adults who live in other areas to skip the vaccine, about 10 points higher than adults in other regions. Adults who identify themselves as Born Again Christians also are more likely (69 percent) to skip the vaccine than non-Born Again Christians (55 percent).

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