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Watching TV for three or more hours every day can cause premature death, says study

If you watch television for three hours or more everyday, you may die prematurely.

India Today, Jun 26, 2014

A new study by the American Heart Association conducted a study on 13,284 young Spanish university graduates to find out the link between three kinds of stationary behaviour abd risk of death: computer accessing, watching television and viewing television, Xinhua reported.

Shockingly, the result found that those viewing TV for three or more hours were twice risky than those who watched for merely one or less hours.

However, the scientists were unable to find any connection between premature death and other activities like accessing the computer or driving.

The researchers said more studies will be needed to ascertain what influences may be connected to computer usage and driving on mortality rates.

It is also important to study the biological mechanisms involved in such cases.

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