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Ingredients in Antibacterial Soap Could Put Fetuses at Risk

Researchers say pregnant women and fetuses exposed to common ingredients found in antibacterial soaps and other germ-killing products could suffer health risks

Melissa Hellmann, Time, Aug 11, 2014

Adding to the evidence against the safety of antibacterial soaps, researchers have found that pregnant women and fetuses that are exposed to triclosan and triclocarban - two common ingredients found in germ-killing soap - could face health risks.

The report released by the American Chemical Society (ACS), which will be presented at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the ACS, found that pregnant women and their fetuses were being exposed to antimicrobials, an agent that kills micro-organisms. “We found triclosan in all of the urine samples from the pregnant women that we screened. We also detected it in about half of the umbilical-cord blood samples we took, which means it transfers to fetuses.

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