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Getting pregnant naturally after 33 linked to longer life expectancy: Study

Women who have children when they're older and don't require fertility treatments are more likely to have longer lifespans, a new U.S. study has found.

Toronto Sun, Jun 26, 2014

The natural ability to have a child at an older age indicates a woman's body is aging slowly, researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine said.

"This does not mean women should wait to have children at older ages in order to improve their own chances of living longer," researcher Thomas Perls said in a press release.

The study looked at 551 families with members who lived to "exceptionally old ages."

The researchers found women who had their last child after the age of 33 had twice the odds of living 95 years.

Women may be the driving force behind the evolution of genetic variants that slow aging and decrease risk for age-related genes, the study found.

The study was published in Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society.

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