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Insomnia behind stroke risk

A latest study conducted by two top Taiwanese medical bodies has found that insomnia is one of the major causes behind stroke risk

NVO News, Apr 4, 2014

There is no denying the fact that insomnia adversely affects a person’s overall health. But a latest study has brought a more dangerous face of the issue.

Insomnia, according to a latest study by ups the chances of stroke in a person suffering from it.

But this affects only those people who suffer from the problem on a long term basis. Short bouts of insomnia may not be so much dangerous, it is generally accepted.

Like obesity, insomnia is affecting a substantial percentage of the population in United States.

A latest estimate suggests that as many as thirty percent population of the nation suffers from it. This is almost the same percentage of the population that also suffers from obesity. But the latest study doesn’t actually talks about any correlation between obesity and insomnia.

The report after a detailed survey says that people suffering from insomnia face substantially higher likelihood of facing stroke compared to people who don’t suffer from the problem and get normal sleep.

The latest study that has been published in a leading medical journal Stroke - a journal of the American Heart Association was carried out by two top medical institutions in Taiwan. The survey conducted in the course of study analyzed data of as many as 64000 people over four years. The people associated with the research say that it was found people suffering from insomnia between 18 and 35 years of age have a much higher stroke risk than those without the sleep disorder in the same age group.

The report further said that insomniacs had 54% more likelihood of being hospitalized for stroke than those who don’t suffer from this problem.

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