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Increase Exposure to Phthalates Reduces Testosterone Levels

A recent study reports that exposure to high levels of phthalates leads to lower levels of testosterone in the blood of men, women and children as compared to those who have low phthalate’s exposure.

Techsonia, Aug 15, 2014

Previous studies showed that phthalates lowered the activities of testosterone in animals. This study was conducted to check whether they produced same results in humans. In the study, data of 2,208 people had been collected.

Phthalates are the major component of personal care products and PVC plastics which are commonly used daily materials.

As this study showed direct influence of phthalate quantities on testosterone levels, the researchers warned about the effects. The low testosterone levels are associated with the impaired sexual function, low energy and libido, poor bone health, and decreased cognitive function.

This study concludes that reducing human exposure of phthalates is the need of time as it disturbs endocrine chemicals of the body.

This study was published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology&Metabolism.

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