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Poor sleep could increase suicide risk in the elderly

A study conducted on people who are more than 65 year old has suggested that those who have trouble sleeping are 40% more likely to commit to suicide in the next 10 years.

Angle Chronicle, Aug 15, 2014

The figure comes down to 20%, still a significant number, when the study is controlled for depression.

The study was performed by comparing 20 suicide victims, who were the part of a group of people under investigation for 10 years, to a group of random people similar to them in gender, age and location.

However, skeptics are not very sure about the extent to which the researchers were able to able to separate lack of sleep from depression. As director of the Florida Sleep Institute, William Kohler pointed out, lack of sleep is mostly the result of negative thoughts as few who are generally happy in their lives find it difficult to sleep. Further is being conducted to investigate the claim made in the study.

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