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Now, dementia maybe cured with 'turmeric'

Scientists have made a breakthrough in treating Alzheimer's disease and found that the spice turmeric could help beat dementia.

Business Standard, Sep 26, 2014

According to the Daily Express, the spice, which is used in curries, consisted of oil produced from one of its main compound called aromatic turmerone, that could help repair patients' brains by triggering the rapid growth of stem cells into neurons.

However, the early stage study done on rat brains was still a long way from determining if the compound could help beat diseases like Alzheimer's.

Meanwhile, earlier research had shown that another compound in turmeric, curcumin, which is known to have anti-cancer properties, could prevent the commencement of Alzheimer's as it could dissolve the deposits of amyloid protein in the brain which were usually found in the patients.

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