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CBD may help heal broken Bones

A study by Tel Aviv University researchers has affirmed that a component known as cannabidiol (CBD) found in cannabis may help heal broken bones.

Amy Mcclellan, Uncover Michigan, Jul 24, 2015

The findings are based on an experiment carried out on rats.

The research published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research has unveiled that mainly CBD was study, which has been found to be anti-inflammatory and does not have any psychoactivity. The researchers said, "Taken together, this data shows that CBD leads to improvement in fracture healing and demonstrates the critical mechanical role of collagen crosslinking enzymes".

Study's lead researcher Yankel Gabet from the Tel Aviv University in Israel said that they have carried out the study on rats. For now, they are not quite clear about how CBD heals bones in rats. Therefore, they cannot say anything about the aspect among humans.

In it's the first study on this topic and the results that have been derived are in animals only. A series of experiments were carried out in which the researchers broke the rats' femurs and gave them THC, CBD or saline solution. In the next, they have a mix of THC and CBD and then both things were given separately.

The third experiment involved measuring the way THC and CBD have helped in healing bones. It was found that CBD has helped increasing the expression of the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase 1.

The researchers said that whether or not the technique works in humans will take time. It will require a lot more research.

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