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Children’s cough syrup yanked from store shelves after overdose fears

Perrigo is pulling a lot of cough syrup that fall under a number of brand names bought at discount stores.

Dan Taylor, Morning Ticker, Jan 13, 2016

A huge recall has been ordered for children’s liquid cough medicine after concerns arose about a risk of overdose of the medicine.

Perrigo Company is recalling two batches of children’s guaifenesin grape liquid and three batches of children’s guaifenesin DM cherry lqiuid, which are sold in 4-ounce bottles under the brand names of Rite-Aid, Dollar General, Kroger, CVS, Sunmark, Topcare, GoodSense, Care One, and H.E.B., according to an NBC New York report.

In a statement, the company said it was issuing the recall because some of the packages have dosage cups that don’t have the right dose markings, potentially causing users to take too much. So far, there haven’t been any reports of any health problems due to this happening, but Perrigo is taking the step as a precautionary measure.

All distributors and customers will be notified via informal means, and then formally notified via FedEx. Customers who have bought these products should throw out the dosing device and call Perrigo for instructions.

Guaifenesin may cause hyper excitability, hallucinations, rapid eye movements, and even a coma if too much is taken. An overdose could also result in nausea, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and even death.

Perrigo Chairman and CEO Joseph C. Papa stressed that the move was purely voluntary.

“There have been no reports of adverse events to Perrigo as a result of the incorrect dosage markings,” he said in a statement. “Perrigo is taking this action to maintain the highest possible product quality standards for our retail customers and consumers. We are taking this action because it is the right thing to do.”

Perrigo describes itself as a “top five global over-the-counter (“OTC”) consumer goods and leading specialty pharmaceutical company, offering patients and customers high- quality products at affordable prices.”

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