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High Sugar Intake Might Lead To Cancer

Research reported recently in the medical journal Cancer Research suggests that fructose a monosaccharide found in sugar and high fructose corn syrup could be a risk factor for breast cancer development and its metastasis to the lungs.

Benjamin Loveless, Huewire, Jan 11, 2016

Higher sugar intake not only increases the risks of diabetes and obesity but can also cause breast and lung cancer, according to a new study.

The University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center performed four studies that involved putting mice in random diet groups. This is because both sucrose and glucose are in sugar and they can increase your chances of getting these diseases.

The study investigated the impact of sugar on mammary gland tumor development on mice. In the sucrose-enriched diets, specifically the fructose in the diet (like table sugar and corn syrup), a whooping 50 to 58 percent of mice developed mammary tumors.

While this study was conducted on mice and more research needs to be done before any real conclusions can be reached, it’s no secret most of us would benefit from eating a lot less sugar. The two components found in fructose are sucrose and glucose. Scientists state that amounts of lung metastases were somewhat higher in rats about the sucrose- or perhaps a fructose- diet, versus rats about the starch control diet. The numbers of lung metastases were also significantly higher in mice on a sucrose- or a fructose-enriched diet, compared to those on a starch-control diet. Industrial sugar processing has increased individual consumption of this lethal sweetener by 25 times over the last century.

“Moderate sugar consumption is critical, given that the per capita consumption of sugar in the US has surged to over 100 lbs. per year and an increase in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been identified as a significant contributor to an epidemic of obesity, heart disease and cancer worldwide”, researchers said.

Although it is hard to figure out the amount of people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer because of too much sugar consumption on a daily basis, it is easy enough to change your eating habits and make sure you don’t increase your daily sugar intake.

Treat your sweet tooth occasionally with delicious fresh fruit and see how much better you feel once the sugar monkey is off your back.

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