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Health experts warn travelers after meth found in 7-Up in Mexico

An investigation is underway to determine how the drinks were contaminated.

WWLP, Sep 25, 2017

Medical professionals are warning individuals traveling to Mexico to be vigilant about eating and drinking after several people were poisoned by drinking contaminated bottles of 7-Up.

According to a press release from Banner Health in Arizona, several reports last week indicated that some 7-Up bottles in Mexicali, Baja California, contained methamphetamine. Baja California's Secretary of Health of the State said one person died from poisoning after drinking the contaminated soft drink and seven more were hospitalized after showing symptoms of poisoning.

It is unclear how the drugs got into the soft drinks or who tampered with the beverages. An investigation is underway. The entire product line of 7-UP has been removed from stores in the area as a precaution.

According to KSAZ, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group said in a statement that no 7-Up products in the United States are affected by the contamination.

Experts say vigilance is the best course of action to prevent consuming contaminated beverages.

"It is important to check that the seal for any food and drink consumed is still intact and show no signs of tampering," said Banner Poison and Drug Information Center medical director Dr. Daniel Brooks. "If you notice any difference in color, taste or smell, throw it out."

Soft drink contamination could be life-threatening. Symptoms of contamination may include:

Anyone who suspects he or she may have consumed contaminated food or beverages should call their local Poison Control Center or 911 immediately.

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