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Sex Before Bedtime Helps With Sleep Quality

Sex could help people get a good night’s sleep, but it depends entirely on the satisfaction levels of both partners, a new study suggests.

Zye Angiwan, Immortal News, Dec 4, 2017

Researchers from CQUniversity Adelaide found that two-thirds of people slept better after having sex, particularly if both parties had an orgasm, the New York Post reports.

Dr. Michele Lastella, a sleep researcher from Australia, surveyed 460 adults ages 18 to 70 years. He said,

What we found was 64 percent of our respondents indicated they slept better when sex was with a partner and it involves an orgasm.

In addition, people who went for self-pleasure instead also slept better, as half of them said they fell asleep more easily, Sputnik News reports.

Sex produces a “a biochemical cocktail” in people, Lastella said, which includes a rise in oxytocin and prolactin, along with a decrease in the production of the hormone cortisol. This, in turn, leaves the body feeling relaxed, functioning as a kind of natural sedative.

Lastella is also advising that people switch off their phones, and use their libidos instead.

He explained, “There’s strong evidence to suggest substituting screen time for play time. When you’re engaging in sex, you’re not thinking about what to do the next day, you’re not going through your phones. It distracts you.”

A similar study conducted by the Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research discovered that a combination of sex and a good night’s sleep had the most impact on a person’s overall well-being.

The researchers concluded, “Better sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better.” The people who described themselves as being happy turned out to be the most satisfied with their sex lives too, and vice versa.

Frank Marafioti, 28, and Dani Caceres, 22, a couple from Adelaide, said that the study results were not surprising. Marafioti said, “I think you would be feeling relaxed and a sense of relief (after sex).”

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