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Study reveals which countries have the highest and lowest levels of cancer

A massive study of 195 countries has found which countries have the lowest and highest levels of cancer, the Daily Mail reported.

Deccan Chronicle, Jun 5, 2018

Scientists also reveal where in the world most people die of the deadly disease.

The team has produced tables for the worst and best performing countries for 29 types of cancer.

Based on figures from 2016, Australia has the highest number of new cancer cases, while Mongolia has the most number of deaths.

The United Kingdom (UK) has the eighth highest level of new diagnoses. Syria has the lowest number of new cancer cases and least number of deaths from the disease.

Lung, bowel and stomach are the biggest cancer killers, while breast, bowel and lung cancer are the most common.

Smoking and unhealthy diet are the main factors for causing cancer, experts say.

Here are some more statistics from the study, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Most new cancer cases per 100,000 people in 2016:

* Australia (743.8)
* New Zealand (542.8)
* United States (532.9)
* Netherlands (477.3)
* Luxembourg (455.4)
* Iceland (455.0)
* Norway (446.1)
* United Kingdom (438.6)
* Ireland (429.7)
* Denmark (421.7)

Fewest new cancer cases per 100,000 people in 2016:

* Syria (85.0)
* Bhutan (86.0)
* Algeria (86.7)
* Nepal (90.7)
* Oman (94.9)
* Maldives (101.3)
* Sri Lanka (101.6)
* Niger (102.3)
* Timor-Leste (105.9)
* India (106.6)

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