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Weight loss tip: Make sure you include these ‘negative calorie’ foods in your platter

These foods will help you lose weight faster.

The Health Site, Aug 12, 2018

Every food that you consume whether it falls under the healthy foods category or the junk food list has some calories in them. Watching these calories is important when it comes to weight loss. The idea of weight loss is to expend or burn more calories than what you typically consume in a day. The calories you consume are typically divided into two categories - empty calories or negative calories. Empty calories are the ones that come with high-fat foods which gets stored in the body helping less in your weight loss process and negative calories are the ones that comes from nutritionally rich foods like non-starchy vegetables, high-fibre fruits and vegetables, which has more water in them.

These foods are easy to digest less in calories and burn more energy in the process of digestion thus helping in weight loss. For instance, as per USDA data, tomatoes contain 19 calories per 100 gm, but digesting the veggie requires much more than just 16 calories. Here are some more foods that are considered as negative calorie foods according to the USDA or United States Department of Agriculture Food Composition:

Knowing these numbers becomes beneficial while planning a weight loss diet. Often we pick foods thinking they are healthy and end up consuming more calories than necessary. However, once you know which foods help you to burn more calories, it will be easier to plan your diet and say yes to the right foods. Remember some fruits and veggies that have a higher glycemic index might not be a right choice for you if you are a diabetic and trying to lose weight. So, make sure you choose the right foods to make your weight loss a success.

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