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These Protein Rich Foods Are A Must For Diabetics

Healthy eating habits and a significant lifestyle change can help lower your blood sugar levels.

NDTV, Nov 15, 2018

14th November is observed as World Diabetes Day every year. Every year World Diabetes Day has a significant theme. The theme for World Diabetes Day 2018 and 2019 is The Family and Diabetes. Diabetes or high blood sugar levels are a chronic condition which is not only affecting middle-aged or older adults but also teens and young children. Fortunately, healthy eating habits and a significant lifestyle change can help lower your blood sugar levels. Your diet plays a key role when you have got diabetes. A healthy, balanced diet is a must for people suffering from diabetes.

When we talk about diet, we cannot afford to miss the king of nutrients that is proteins. Proteins as for any other person are extremely essential for people with high blood sugar levels. But you should choose healthy protein foods which are low in saturated fat and calories. Proteins will help manage your weight and reduce your risk for heart disease. According to the Delhi based nutritionist Pooja Malhotra, "You can include a variety of protein-rich foods in a nutritious diabetes meal plan, including protein from both animals and plants."

5 super healthy proteins for diabetics:

1. Fish and meat:

Fish is an excellent source of lean protein and should be included in your diabetes diet. Choose fatty fish like salmon and tuna that contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid. To restore the nutritional value of fish choose healthy cooking options like baking or grilling, a. Also, you should avoid breading and frying. Pooja Malhotra said, "Lean cuts of meat should be included in your diet if you have high blood sugar levels. But red meat, processed meat, smoked meat and mutton should be avoided."

2. Dairy products:

Milk among the many dairy products is another good source of protein on a diabetes diet. Calcium-rich dairy products are packed with proteins. The nutritionist further adds, "Low-fat dairy milk, toned milk and cow milk should be included in your diet if you have diabetes. On the other hand, full-fat milk or buffalo milk should be avoided."

3. Eggs:

Eggs are an inexpensive, versatile food and rich in protein. Eggs an excellent choice for people with diabetes, the nutritionist further added. One large egg contains healthy carbohydrates therefore that will not raise your blood sugar. Eggs have many essential nutrients, such as lutein and choline. Lutein protects you against chronic diseases, and choline improves brain health. Additionally, egg yolks contain biotin, which is important for healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as insulin production.

4. Lentils:

Pulses are loaded with proteins, which are essential for building and replacing muscle. If you are a vegetarian, they are the perfect option of getting protein in your diet, as non-vegetarian would get protein from meat and fish. "The soluble fiber which is present in lentils helps stabilize blood sugar levels," nutritionist Pooja Malhotra added. If you have insulin resistance or diabetes, lentils are full of complex carbohydrates which help you control your blood glucose levels. As an added benefit, they control your cholesterol levels, control your appetite and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5. Plant-based proteins:

Plant-based proteins can absolutely be appropriate for people who have diabetes. Plant based diet helps in managing diabetes, lowers cholesterol and heart disease to reverse diabetes. Include foods like green peas, beans, hemp seeds, tofu, chickpeas, nuts, chia seeds, soya milk and lentils in your diet.

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