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Can Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee can melt unwanted fat in the body, aiding weight loss.

Garima Arora, NDTV, Dec 2, 2019

Green coffee comes from coffee beans that have not been roasted. Chlorogenic acids are compounds present in coffee beans, which have antioxidant effects and can be beneficial for weight loss. When you roast coffee, its chlorogenic acid content reduces. This is the reason why unroasted coffee or green coffee is considered to be weight loss friendly. However, there is few scientific evidence backing the claim that green coffee is weight loss friendly. When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, unroasted coffee beans may help you with effective weight loss as compared to roasted coffee beans.

Is green coffee weight loss friendly?

Green coffee alone will not help you lose weight if you are not following a healthy lifestyle, are smoking or binge drinking. It is only in combination with a healthy lifestyle that green coffee can aid weight loss.

A study published in Indian Journal Of Innovative Research and Development, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is the miracle compound which can help you weight loss. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee can melt unwanted fat in the body, aiding weight loss. What's more is that chlorogenic acid can help in increasing Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which can reduce release of glucose from liver into the bloodstream. Instead of glucose, the body begins to burn excess fat, and this ultimately helps you weight loss.

If you are a victim of overeating and are amongst those who cannot practice portion control when eating, then consuming green coffee can be helpful. Drinking green coffee can suppress your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

When to consume green coffee?

You can have green coffee with your breakfast or any other time of the day. Drinking it right after your meals can be helpful for blood sugar control and weight loss. Your blood sugars tend to spike on consuming a carb-heavy meals and drinking green coffee can be helpful in preventing this.

How to prepare green coffee?

You can prepare green coffee like you prepare black coffee. Add cinnamon or honey to add more flavour to your coffee.

Other dietary tips for weight loss

As mentioned above, green coffee alone will not help you lose weight. Following are other diet tips that can help too:

1. Eat more protein

Proteins are building blocks of the human body and one of the most important macronutrients that you need for weight loss. Eggs, nuts and seeds, leafy greens, lentils, legumes, chicken and soy products are some examples of foods rich in protein.

2. Chew your food properly

The first step of digestion begins in your mouth. Chewing food properly can help in improving digestion. Eating food slowly and properly chewing it can make you feel full with comparatively lesser consumption of calories, thus aiding weight loss.

3. Practice portion control

Portion control is the key when it comes to losing weight. Eat foods in smaller plates. Doing this can trick your brain into thinking that you are eating more than you actually are. Otherwise, try to eat slowly and eat only to satiate your hunger not greed.

4. Eat more fibre

Fibre is another macronutrient that can make you feel full for longer and also aid digestion. Eating fibrous foods fill you up and may aid reducing appetite. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, peas, beans, pulses and legumes are all fibre-rich foods that can help you weight loss.

5. Eat without any distractions

Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar advocates the idea of eating food without any distraction like TV, phone, book, newspaper etc. You should eat food while devoting complete focus to food. It will help you be in sync with satiety signals and prevent overeating, thus aiding weight loss.

6. Exercise

Weight loss and healthy living are incomplete without exercising. Eating healthy with healthy eating practices can help you lose weight when you exercise regularly and burn more calories. Include both cardio and weight training in your routine for healthy weight loss.

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