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Health officials warn of alarming levels of lead in some products

Health officials want to warn you about alarming amounts of lead found in certain cosmetics and spices.

KATU, Dec 12, 2019

The Oregon Health Authority says officials across the country have found high lead levels in traditional cosmetics used in Hindu and Muslim religious practices as well as in south and southeast Asian cultures.

In some cases, the level is tens of thousands of times higher than federal guidelines. In addition to this, they've found high lead levels in batches of turmeric brought in from other countries.

"So that's part of the current concern right now that this isn't an issue solely of things being brought in by small groups of people in small quantities, but there's actually significant quantities of these same types of products available locally," said Perry Cabot with the Multnomah County Health Department.

Health officials say these products are mostly found in specialty markets, not at a typical grocery store.

OHA says families and health care providers should make sure children and pregnant women have their blood levels tested if they've been exposed to potentially lead-tainted products.

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