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High Blood Pressure: Here's how sesame seeds can help to lower your BP reading

Apart from lowering blood pressure, sesame also helps to lower inflammation and cholesterol which are linked to blood pressure.

Nikita Roy, Pinkvilla, Aug 5, 2019

High Blood pressure aka Hypertension is not only common in India but across the world. For the unversed, hypertension is when the blood puts more pressure than normal on the walls of arteries. If left unchecked and untreated, the disorder can lead to hardening of arteries thus leading other health problems such as stroke and heart attack. Stroke and heart attack which are the leading causes of death and these two are linked to High BP and that's why one should keep it at normal levels.

This particular health issue is also known as the silent killer as the symptoms are quite easily missable. One can bring down BP readings and prevent the same by bringing lifestyle changes. Dietary changes are often asked by the doctors to follow. Consuming less salt and sodium-rich foods, eating plenty of veggies and fruits, avoiding alcohol, increasing the intake of potassium-packed foods are some of the dietary changes help to combat hypertension.

Sesame seeds and high blood pressure

Today we are talking about sesame seeds which are commonly known as til in India. These seeds, as per studies, have BP lowering qualities. These seeds are rich in oil and grow on the Sesamum indicum plant.

Apart from lowering BP, it also helps to lower inflammation and cholesterol which are linked to blood pressure. For the unversed, sesame seeds are high in magnesium and this particular nutrient just like potassium help to lower BP. One of the studies has also found that lignans, vitamin E and other antioxidants' contents in the seeds prevent the development of plaque in arteries and thus maintaining normal blood pressure.

As per one of the studies, which was experimented on people who consumed 2.5g of powdered, black sesame seeds in capsule form every day showed how after a month, the participants experienced a 6 percent decrease in systolic blood pressure in comparison to a placebo group.

Aside from lowering high blood pressure, the seeds are also good for boosting bone health, helps in blood cell formation, regulates blood sugar level, supports the immune system among others.

How to incorporate sesame seeds?

These seeds are very versatile and can be used salads, stir-frys, smoothies, hummus, desserts, and rice dishes among others. One can also add them in muffins, bread, crackers, granola bars, and garnishings among others.

Other hypertension friendly foods

Apart from sesame seeds, high BP patients should also incorporate the following food items as well: leafy greens, berries, beetroots, low-fat dairy products, eggs, bananas, oatmeal, fatty fish, seeds, garlic, herbs, nuts such pistachios, almonds among others and dark chocolate.

Other ways to control and prevent high blood pressure

Besides the above-mentioned dietary changes, one should also have an active life. Indulging in regular exercise will keep the heart as well as blood vessels in good condition. Exercising also helps to lose weight thus lowering BP. Any physical activity such as walking, playing a sport, gardening, cycling and running can be added to your daily life. It is also vital to cut down caffeine intake as well as smoking to keep BP levels in check.

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