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The 100 Healthiest Foods You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

A list of foods with the most protein, fiber, and healthy fats for the fewest calories and added sugar.

Mens Health, Mar 30, 2021

COVID-19 made grocery runs feel like find-and-retrieve missions.

We tested aisles of supermarket standouts to help you make smarter, healthier, tastier decisions when you stock up.

What makes a Men's Health Best Foods for Men winner, you ask?

Foods with the most protein, fiber, and healthy fats for the fewest calories and added sugar often take their category. In line with the latest nutritional science, we favor healthy, full-fat foods over reduced-fat or nonfat foods, because in a balanced diet, fat won’t make you fat - and it’s delicious. We taste-test everything. In the case of a tie, organic or minimally processed products win.

Here's one example: Stryve Beef Biltong, their Spicy Peri Peri flavor. Because if there’s one ingredient that keeps popping up at the grocery store, it’s BS. While no specific supermarket product bears that exact word, you’ll find piles of it if you read the marketing.

One way to cut through the bull, at least if you’re Gabe Carimi, cofounder of Stryve Biltong, is with beef. When Carimi retired from the NFL in 2015, he was trying to find a way to back down from his lineman weight of 320.

“I started flipping over nutrition panels - I had never really read them before - and realized there weren’t a lot of healthy snack options out there for me,” Carimi says. It’s one of the main reasons he started Stryve with his two business partners in 2017.

Stryve makes sliced, air-dried beef snacks called biltong. Unlike jerky, which is often seasoned in a sugary marinade and then baked at low temps, biltong is washed in vinegar, hung to air-dry, and then sliced.

And when you flip over a package of Stryve’s beef biltong, the Nutrition Facts panel states that an ounce of the strips inside has 16 grams of protein with no sugar and only 90 calories. Simple. Delicious. No bull.

Just like the rest of the winners in this year’s Best Foods for Men, each of which delivers high-quality nutrition regardless of your goals.

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