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Vitamins, healthy eating key to keeping strong immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic

In a year upended by COVID-19, it seemed as if our immune systems received more attention than ever before.

Hannah Knowles, WWMT, Feb 7, 2021

A new survey found 48% of Americans are stressed more often, 42% are eating less healthy and 30% are sleeping worse than prior to the pandemic.

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi, a family medicine physician said all of which can negatively impact immune health, just when Americans need it most.

"Two out of five Americans feel their immune system is weaker than before," Gandhi said. "The reason is because of the pandemic. More and more people are not as active, they are not eating well, they are not sleeping, all of these factors impact your overall immune system."

Gandhi said putting the right vitamins and taking proper immune aware steps also helps protect the body.

"Vitamin C, Zinc, and Maganese are all key ingredients to help support the immune system," she said. "B vitamins also help and maintain the metabolic function."

Gandhi noted those vitamins should be taken every single day, all year round to support your immune system.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

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