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New Hampshire pharmacists call this the worst allergy season they've seen in years

With warmer days, people are starting to really suffer from runny noses and coughs and allergists said the pollen count is high but there are ways to find relief.

Grace Finerman, WMUR, May 13, 2023

William McCormack, pharmacy manager at Elliot Pharmacy, said the pollen count is high right now and said medications are helpful, but finding the right one depends on your symptoms.

"A combination of different allergy medicines is usually helpful, starting with an antihistamine. Something like Loratadine or Cetirizine is usually helpful. Some type of lubricant eyedrops would be helpful if you have watery eyes," McCormack said.

He said people suffering will have to wait a few weeks.

"If someone's struggling with allergies, I think your pharmacist is a great resource. Go into your pharmacy and ask them for their advice. Contacting your provider might be helpful as well," McCormack said.

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