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Deactivated/Retired License Search

Every week thousands of DEA numbers are deactivated or retired. DEA has been tracking this data since the company was founded in August of 2005.

We have online search of historical DEA deactivated licenses from Nov 16, 2020 and prior - an exclusive online service not available elsewhere.

For more recent deactivated licenses, our License Lookup software tracks these registrations locally - with convenient search allowing you to pinpoint exactly when a specific registration was last valid, and when it was removed from the DEA registrations database.

This service and software has many applications from validating order history to data cleansing to simply verifying that a number while not currently active was previously a good number.

How It Works

Simply search for a DEA number or search by physician name as you normally would - and select for Active Status: either Deactivated licenses or you can search both Active and Deactivated licenses at the same time

You can search Deactivated licenses by DEA number, by physician name, by physician address, and more.

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