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License Changes Search

DEA registrations are constantly changing.

Most often these changes are address changes and updates. Sometimes however they can be name changes, drug schedule changes, or other kinds of changes.

With license changes search you can track them all.

Searching DEA license changes is quite useful, and can apply to a wide variety of applications.

For example, when a physician moves to a new address or a new state - having a record of when this happened is quite helpful.

Or knowing a previous name a physician worked under - also quite useful for credentialing.

And of course, knowing when a an expiration date was updated and a registration was reissued is quite helpful as well.

How It Works

When enabled, simply search the registrations as you normally would. Then from the registration profile window you can click View History.

This will open the registration change history window where you can see any recent changes to the registration.

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Example 1: License Changes registration profile

Example 2: Registration change history window