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Every month thousands of new DEA numbers appear in the registrants database.

Searching new licenses is quite useful, and can apply to a wide variety of applications.

License Lookup software tracks the registrations data locally - with convenient search allowing you to pinpoint exactly when a specific registration was added to the database.

This software has many applications from validating order history to data cleansing to credentialing and more.

How It Works

Simply go to settings and select the number of months of new licenses you want to search. Then go to the main search window, and your results will show recently added registrations since the date you selected.

You will also see the date added date (when available) for all registrations when searching the entire database.

All of the other search capabilities of the main form are available. You can search by license type, by name, by address, etc.

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Example 1: New licenses option under settings

Example 2: New licenses search result